Called to invite the community to know and grow in Christ

Opportunities for Worship

Traditional Worship


Using Evangelical Lutheran Worship and combining a choir of voices, the music of piano and pipe organ, and liturgical Lutheran worship.  The liturgy relies heavily on the word of God and points us back to God’s Son, Jesus, who is the source of our life.  The practices of traditional worship have been passed down through centuries and preserve the traditions that help us form connections with God.

A New Song


Bethlehem Lutheran Church is pleased to also offer contemporary worship.  Each Sunday morning, friends and visitors are invited to worship our Lord at “A New Song” service.  The style is casual and contemporary.  The music is upbeat and praiseful and includes keyboards, guitars, and drums.  The message of love and grace, however, is timeless!  Please join us at “A New Song” for an uplifting time of praise and worship!

A celebration of the liturgy during the traditional service.

The New Song Band celebrates the 1960s during Bethlehem’s 50th anniversary in 2008.

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